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Meet Liezl Compion

Clinical Dietitian

I graduated with a BSc Dietetics degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 2000.


Thereafter, I started my career in the UK where I worked for the national health service for three years, mainly specializing in nutrition support in ICU and medical wards, diabetes, and pediatrics.


Upon returning to South Africa, I worked as a private practicing dietitian at Vergelegen Mediclinic as well as a practice in Somerset West and Stellenbosch.  


I decided to start my own practice to live out a dream I had in my heart for some time. I have seen so many patients who have tried the normal route of losing weight and becoming healthy and get despondent when they fail. I discovered that only those who get to the root of their health problem and truly become free from weight problems and disease are the ones who discover their true identity and change from the inside out.

So this is my calling: to help others find their true identity and root of their health problem and, out of this place, become healthy and FREE.

I am married and we have 3 boys and I love to spend most of my free time with them. I enjoy drinking coffee with my friends and family, walking in nature, exploring new places, reading and spending time with my Creator.  We recently relocated to the countryside in the UK so are on a new adventure!


Why Genetic Testing?

One simple saliva test-multiple insights

With genetic testing we look downstream, to the root cause of health problems, and with simple practical dietary, lifestyle and supplement advice you can improve your health for the good.


How effective is my body at losing weight and burning fat?

Why am I always hungry?

Does exercise increase my metabolism?

Exercise response

What type of exercise am I best suited to for the results I want?

Should I be training more or less often to get the best results?

How can I prevent injuries?

Hormonal Health

How do my hormones affect my physical and emotional health?

How can I improve my hormonal balance naturally?

Heart Health
Diet & Weight Management

How can my diet help my brain to function optimally?

How can I improve my mental health and memory?

How can I reduce my risk for dementia?

Am I at higher risk of heart disease?

How can I reduce my risk for heart disease?

Is my blood pressure and cholesterol problem genetic and what can I do to improve it?

Does smoking and alcohol increase my risk?

What is the best way to eat for my body?

Why can't I lose weight even if I tried many diets? 

Am I at higher risk for insulin resistance and how can I prevent it?

Am I carbohydrate or fat sensitive?

Brain Health


My hele lewe lank sukkel ek met verskeie rate en diëte en nog niks het vrugte afgewerp nie!

Met Liezl se professionele raad en ondersteuning sien ek nou daadwerlike resultate. Dit is nie sommer net nog `n dieet vir my nie, maar met haar kundige raad ,`is dit `n lewenswyse wat ek nou vir altyd sal handhaaf.

— Elsabe van Niekerk

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